Pig Health Management Strategies among Farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria

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Jane M. Chah
Cynthia E. Nwobodo
Maudiline N. Utaka
Anthonia N. Asadu


Aims: Pigs have been described as one of the most prolific and fast growing livestock that can convert food waste to valuable products. However, diseases pose significant challenge to efficient manage­ment and profitability of pig production. The study assessed pig health management strategies among farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria.

Study Design:  Survey.

Place and Duration of Study: The study was carried out in Enugu State, Nigeria between January-June 2015.

Methodology: Two agricultural zones (Nsukka and Udi) out of six were purposively selected for the study due to high pig production in the zones. Structured interview schedule was used to collect data from 96 farmers. Data was presented using mean scores and percentage.

Results: Mange (M=2.77), trypanosomosis (M=2.33) and agalacia (mastitis) (M=2.21) were the major disease conditions in the study area. Disease preventive/biosecurity measures practiced by respondents include: constant observation of animals (M=0.90) and good health hygiene by staff (M=0.89). Farmers however poorly practice washing of hands thoroughly before and after visiting the pens (M=0.11), use of disinfectant in cleaning the pen among others. The indigenous method used by respondents in the treatment of diseases include: used of red oil (15%) and used dregs of palm oil preparation (13%) for the treatment of toxins/poisonings. About 4% used okwete (Costus afer) leaves. For the treatment of mastitis, 4.1% of the respondents used eriri agwo-monkey rope (Parsonia straminea) leaves while 6.1% and 1.0% used Ogwu obara leaves and okwete (Costus afer) leaves for the treatment of piglet anaemia.

Conclusions: Although farmers use preventive measures in their farms and also attempted to treat some of these diseases, efforts should be made by extension to further educate farmers on the need to improve on the use of disease control measures like the use of disinfectant in cleaning the pen and the provision of foot deep.

Disease, prevention, biosecurity measures, indigenous treatment, farmers

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Chah, J. M., Nwobodo, C. E., Utaka, M. N., & Asadu, A. N. (2016). Pig Health Management Strategies among Farmers in Enugu State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 10(3), 1-9. https://doi.org/10.9734/AJAEES/2016/24934
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