Cartography of Pineapple Chains Values in Benin: A Miss Exploited Opportunity for Regional Integration

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C. F. Biaou
B. D. Yabi
V. J. Mama
G. Biaou
D. Acclassato
E. Agbossou
D. J. Hounhouigan


To cope with the high decrease of the cotton price on the international markets, the Government of Benin has emphasized the promotion of other crops like pineapple. To increase the competitiveness of this promising commodity and its links with other value chains, a study on value chain analysis was carried out to map out the different actors, their relationships, to put out the best chains and the factors influencing the availability of this commodity on some local markets. A methodological approach based on added values chains (AVC) analysis and on chains cartography is used. From a random sampling based on actor categories, 365 producers, 40 traders, 25 processors and 5 transporters were selected. From this study, seven (07) chain values animated by several unorganized actors in a competitive environment have been identified. The main chains of this commodity are fresh pineapple chain and juice processed. Fruit exportation is mainly directed to Nigeria (70% of the total pineapple produced) and to UE countries (5%). On the other hand, about 85 percent of juice produced is exported to hinterland African countries (Burkina, Mali, Niger, Morocco and Senegal). According to the recent development of the value chain network, pineapple appears as an important element of regional integration. Innovative policies should be provided to break down or to reduce the barriers that hamper the promotion of this commodity.

Pineapple, value chain analysis, regional integration, policy exports

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Biaou, C. F., Yabi, B. D., Mama, V. J., Biaou, G., Acclassato, D., Agbossou, E., & Hounhouigan, D. J. (2016). Cartography of Pineapple Chains Values in Benin: A Miss Exploited Opportunity for Regional Integration. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 10(3), 1-11.
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