Constraints of Extisting Innovations in Technology Dissemination (ITD) Methods in India- A Critical Analysis

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Namitha Reghunath
N. Kishore Kumar


Extension in many countries has come to cover a variety of activities in both the public and private sectors, yet the transfer of information continues to be the ultimate focus of all extension activities. The present study was conducted in Kannur district of Kerala state, to identify the constraints of existing ITD methods implemented by different agricultural institutions in Kannur and find out the suggestions from farmers for improvement. Thirty farmers each from four selected Grama Panchayats (Ezhome, Kankol- Alapadamba, Kadannapalli- Panapuzha and Mayyil) of Kannur were identified using simple random sampling. A well-structured interview schedule was used for collecting data from the respondents. The data were tabulated and inferences were drawn after appropriate statistical analysis. The results shows that lack of awareness about the latest ICT methods for technology dissemination’ is having highest mean score (72.17) and it is considered as the most severe constraint by the farmers followed by ‘trainings are not effective to meet farmer’s needs’ (71.5) and ‘Less training programs for farmers and extension personnel (69.77).

ITD, personal interview, constraints, suggestions, strategies for improvement

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Reghunath, N., & Kumar, N. K. (2021). Constraints of Extisting Innovations in Technology Dissemination (ITD) Methods in India- A Critical Analysis. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 39(2), 82-87.
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