Relevance and Utility of Different Training Needs of Input Dealers in Jhansi District of Bundelkhand Region

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Arjun Prasad Verma
Vimal Raj Yadav
Diksha Patel
Nishi Roy


Agri-input dealers play a vital role in guaranteeing that farming communities have access to some of the essential and critical agricultural input that contribute in boosting the agricultural productivity. Besides this, they also contribute towards strengthening the Agricultural Extension System by providing valuable agro-advisory services to the farmers. It is essential that they are equipped with latest scientific know how through refresher training courses. The present study was conducted during 2018-19 in Jhansi district of Bundelkhand region to ascertain training needs of agri-input dealers. Data was collected personally by using well-structured interview schedule of 57 agri-input dealers. Respondents were found to be young age group (50.88%), one-third had higher secondary education (35.09%), sought financial assistance from bank and other financial institution (36.84%) and identification of trade name, chemical name and properties of pesticides have emerged as the most needed training area. Around 84.21 per cent of the respondent’s priorities vegetable among crop specific training needs and 84.21 per cent of the respondents had expressed ‘most needed’ training needs on micro nutrient fertilizers. More than two-third of respondents had expressed their training needs on improved varieties or hybrids of crops for cultivation (89.47%) and training in computer and its application in business is another preferred area. Lack of technical knowledge of different brands of product, fluctuation of sale on season basis and lack of need based training were some of the major constraints faced by agri-input dealers while delivering services. In order to overcome these problems agricultural institution must arrange some training programme which caters the above mentioned training need of input dealers.

Agri-input dealers, training need, farming community, agriculture.

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Verma, A. P., Yadav, V. R., Patel, D., & Roy, N. (2019). Relevance and Utility of Different Training Needs of Input Dealers in Jhansi District of Bundelkhand Region. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 37(4), 1-8.
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