Economics of Moringas Marketing in Enugu Metropolis, Enugu State, Nigeria

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P. C. Uke
G. C. E. Okechukwu
M. N. Mgbakor


This study assessed the economics of Moringa marketing in Enugu metropolis. It is an obvious truth that agricultural production and other agricultural business are never completed without getting to the final consumers (the primary target) thus, the importance of marketing is to make these products available to the final consumers and improve access to food consumption. This study was carried out in Enugu Metropolis. Eighty (80) respondents were purposively selected from two local government areas of the study using descriptive sampling techniques. A questionnaire was used as an instrument for data collection. The result showed that the majority (75%) of marketers of Moringa products in the areas were females. About 47.5% were within the age of 31-40 years, 50% attended secondary Schools, 81.25% were married, 90% were Christians and 62.5% had 1-5 years of experience. The two intermediaries in the marketing system are the wholesaler and retailer. The major forms in which moringa products are marketed are the Moringa powder, seeds, oil and herbal tea. The monthly costs and returns from moringa marketing showed gross margin to be N 43,400, net profit to be N 22,800 and benefits cost ration BCR) to be 1:16 indicating that moringa is profitable in the study area. Despite the profitability of Moringa, marketers identified their major constraint to be low demand as a result of difficulties in convincing people to buy. It is therefore recommended that extension agent and processors should help in enlightening people on the multifarious benefits of Moringa by organizing programs on Moringa.

Moringa, marketing Enugu metropolis, distribution

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Uke, P. C., Okechukwu, G. C. E., & Mgbakor, M. N. (2020). Economics of Moringas Marketing in Enugu Metropolis, Enugu State, Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(1), 29-33.
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