Assess the Rural Youth Extent of Participation in Rural Developmental Activities Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu - An Overview

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P. Radhakrishnan
M. Asokhan


The extent of participation in rural developmental activities of rural youth in the development process is essential in order to bring the changes in socio-economic structure and improving the quality of life. The place of rural youth class is more peculiar and important for the future of country. Rural youth are the precious human assets who can play an important role in the development of agriculture and other allied activities. Youths can make their productive  contribution to national development and through which society can benefit from the idealism and the sense of dedication of youth at the same time, they also occasionally involved in extent of participation in rural developmental activities in a village side like village sanitation, construction of youth club building, afforestation activities and natural calamity relief work etc., Since such a kind of rural developmental activities are increases their self-esteem, self-confidence, motivation and aspiration to give them a sense of identity and of being needed by the society. India has rich rural youth potential. The population of rural youth in developmental activities contribute to national development. Hence, the above facts revealed that the participation of youth in rural development activities is very significant and essential phenomena. Therefore, this attempt was made in Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu with the 200 sample size of rural youth respondents. Cent per cent of the respondents have taken up activities related with adult literacy programme, construction of school building, afforestation activities and other social cultural activities. With regard to the adult literacy programme most of the respondents (93.00 per cent) stated that they have regularly participated in the related activities. Almost a similar percentage of the respondents have also regularly participated in the activities related with social cultural programme (94.50 per cent), construction of school building (89.50 per cent), afforestation activities (87.50 per cent), whereas the other respondents have participated in the above activities either occasionally or rarely.

Extent of participation, rural youth, agriculture, activities, Tamil Nadu.

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Radhakrishnan, P., & Asokhan, M. (2020). Assess the Rural Youth Extent of Participation in Rural Developmental Activities Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu - An Overview. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(2), 92-96.
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