Maladies and Remedies in Using Information and Communication Technology Tools for Agricultural Information in Karnataka

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. Manjuprakash
H. Philip
N. Sriram


The research was conducted to identify the maladies faced by the farming community in Koppal district of Karnataka state and to get the remedies for the problems by the respondents. The exploratory study was carried out in Koppal district of Karnataka state. Total of 120 respondents were investigated using pre tested interview schedule and the sample was selected using multistage random sampling. Four taluk as were considered for the study. Ex post facto design of research was followed.  The statistical tools such as frequency, percentage and further garret ranking were used to rank the maladies and remedies based on the interaction with the respondents. Lack of adequate skills in using ICT tools (89.20%), high cost of ICT tools (45.80%) and Fear of using modern gadgets or internet (25.0%) were the most severe technical, economic and socio-physical constraints experienced by the respondents. More training programme on how to use ICT (87.50%), opening of computer information centres at every village (68.33%) and provision of market information and website in reach of farmers (62.50%) were the suggested solutions to the identified constraints to the use of ICT in descending order. Unlocking the constraints to the ICT via the identified way out will enhance the livelihood of the respondents via adequate use of information.

Farming community, ICT, maladies and remedies.

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Manjuprakash, ., Philip, H., & Sriram, N. (2020). Maladies and Remedies in Using Information and Communication Technology Tools for Agricultural Information in Karnataka. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(6), 26-31.
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