Association between Selected Independent Variables and Adoption Level of Farmers about Recommended Production Technology of Fennel

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S. K. Sharma
N. K. Sharma
K. G. Vyas


The present study was formulated during the year 2014 with 120 respondents from selected eight villages of Nagaur district of Rajasthan. The data of personnel attributes, i.e., age, education, annual income, caste, size of land holding, family type and size of family of the respondents were collected through personal interview. The age and annual income were found to be positive and significantly associated with the adoption level. The old age group was possessed high level of adoption (82.76%) as compare to other age group. Further, annual income had maximum level of adoption with high annual income group (75.00 %) compared to other annual income groups. Other variables like, education, caste, size of land holding, family type and family size were found to be non-significantly associated with the adoption level.

Association, Fennel, Independent variables, Level of adoption, Nagaur district

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Sharma, S. K., Sharma, N. K., & Vyas, K. G. (2020). Association between Selected Independent Variables and Adoption Level of Farmers about Recommended Production Technology of Fennel. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(6), 60-68.
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