Mushroom Cultivation as a Viable Income Generating Unit for Livelihood Security: A Success Story of ARYA Project at Turkaulia Block of East Champaran

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Arvind Kumar Singh
Neelam Kumari
Ram Babu Sharma
Shri Kant
Jitendra Rajput
Ashish Rai
Satish Kumar Singh
Anshu Gangwar
Vikas Kumar Rai
Manish Kumar
Anand Kumar


To make agriculture sustainable, the price of agricultural commodities must be sufficient but variations in price may occur depending on market demand. So, by adopting mushroom production at rural level farmers may minimize the price gap by price of their mushrooms and ultimately people get good quality of mushroom and mushroom based products like pickle at rural level. This sets good example and also increases extra income from the agriculture at rural level by youth.

Mushroom, rural youth, livelihood, income

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Singh, A. K., Kumari, N., Sharma, R. B., Kant, S., Rajput, J., Rai, A., Singh, S. K., Gangwar, A., Rai, V. K., Kumar, M., & Kumar, A. (2020). Mushroom Cultivation as a Viable Income Generating Unit for Livelihood Security: A Success Story of ARYA Project at Turkaulia Block of East Champaran. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(6), 78-81.
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