Perception of Environmental Effects of Weedicide Use in Oil Palm Production by Farmers in Denkyembour District, Ghana

F. K. M. Swanzy, E. K. M. Sosu, W. O. Danso

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Determinants of Household Economic Sustainability of Members of Agricultural Cooperatives in West Shoa Zone, Oromia Regional State

Tolera Merdassa, S. Nakkiran

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Evaluation of Extension Training Program on Small-Scale Poultry and Rabbit Production Projects at Alexandria Governorate, Egypt

Ola M. S. Elkashef

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Relevance and Utility of Different Training Needs of Input Dealers in Jhansi District of Bundelkhand Region

Arjun Prasad Verma, Vimal Raj Yadav, Diksha Patel, Nishi Roy

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Forecasting Area, Production and Yield of Onion in Bangladesh by Using ARIMA Model

Farhana Arefeen Mila, Mst. Tania Parvin

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Adoption Outcomes of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture Technologies by Farmers in South India

K. Ravi Shankar, G. Nirmala, K. Nagasree, P. K. Pankaj, Josily Samuel, K. Sindhu, B. M. K. Raju, S. Vijaya Kumar, G. Ravindra Chary

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Scale Construction to Measure the Attitude of Farmers towards IARI-Post Office Linkage Extension Model

Alok Kumar Sahoo, R. Roy Burman, V. Lenin, V. K. Sajesh, Ph Romen Sharma, Sujit Sarkar, J. P. Sharma, Asif Iquebal

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Determinants of Maize Commercialization among Smallholder Farmers: The Case of Nunu Kumba District, East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State, Western Ethiopia

Mabiratu Dangia, Prem Kumar Dara, Gersam Daniel

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Adoption of Improved Sweet Potato Production Technologies among Small-scale Farmers in South East, Nigeria

M. N. Okeke, E. N. Mbah, M. C. Madukwe, H. U. Nwalieji

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Profitability Analysis of Rice Production, Constraints and Consumption Shares by Small-scale Producers in Tanzania

Peter, D. Kulyakwave, Shiwei Xu, Wen Yu, Sar Sary, S. Muyobozi

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Dynamics of Cropping Pattern in Karimnagar District of Telangana – A Markov Chain Approach

D. A. Rajini Devi, R. Uma Reddy, B. Madavi, P. Ravi, P. Sadvi

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Adoption of Good Management Practices by the Gaushalas (Cow-shed) in Karnataka State, India

Kalyan Mandi, S. Subash

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Factors Influencing Smallholder Farmers Participation in Collective Marketing and the Extent of Participation in Improved Indigenous Chicken Markets in Baringo, Kenya

Emmanuel Kiprop, Cedric Okinda, Samuel Wamuyu, Xianhui Geng

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Economic Analysis of Cut Flower (Rose and Gerbera) Production under Polyhouse in Jabalpur District of Madhya Pradesh, India

Yogesh Tiwari, P. K. Awasthi, Prem Ratan Pandey

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Economic Analysis of Irish Potato (Solanum tuberusum) Marketing in Metropolitan Markets of Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria

U. E. Umoffia, U. K. Iroegbute, T. M. Barnabas, J. A. Nandi, J. N. Akeweta

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Influencing Factors of Rural Families’ Migration to Urban Area: The Case of Kabul, Afghanistan

Abdul Ahad Hakim, Ismet Boz

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Impact of Climate Change on Cereal Yield and Production in the Sahel: Case of Burkina Faso

Shéïtan Sossou, Charlemagne Babatounde Igue, Moussa Diallo

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Determinants of Success and Sustainability of Farmer Organizations in the North West Region of Cameroon

Patience Mugah Nji, Fon Dorothy Engwali

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Weaving and Its Socio-cultural Values in Ethiopia: A Review

Yesuneh Gizaw Chernet, Ousmane Ba

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