Dryland Farmer’s Knowledge towards Climate Change and Constraints in Adoption of Climate Resilient Practices

D. Alagu Niranjan, Dipak Kumar Bose

Page: 10-15
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Knowledge Assessment of Farmers Regarding Sericulture Based Dairy Farming in Karnataka State

C. E. Girish, K. S. Kadian, B. S. Meena, Kalyan Mandi

Page: 16-20
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Detection of Tea Export Potentiality from Bangladesh in the World Market: An Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) Approach

A. U. Noman, S. Majumder, M. F. Imam, M. J. Hossain, F. Elahi, K. Akter

Page: 21-29
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Sustainable Development of the Steppe in the Region of El Bayadh, Approach to a New Fattening System

Mekhloufi Moulay Brahim, Mohamed Khader, Tayeb Nouri, Mahari latifa

Page: 30-37
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Direct and Indirect Effect between the Antecedent Characteristics of Women Self-help Groups of Gujarat and their Group Dynamics

N. D. Chethan Patil, J. K. Patel, Naveen Kumar Gattupalli, Rahul Dundesh Bellagi, G. Manunayaka

Page: 38-42
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Extent of Adoption of Tomato Cultivation Practices among Farmers under Shade Nets in Kolar District of Karnataka

N. Harisha, J. Tulsiram, Amrutha T. Joshi, D. M. Chandargi, S. K. Meti

Page: 43-50
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Perception of Biophysical Stresses Confronted by the Farm Women: The Socio-economic and Ecological Interpretation

Riti Chatterjee, Sankar Kumar Acharya

Page: 51-63
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Networking of the Farm Women by the Farm Science Centre of North Bengal

Ganesh Das, Sarthak Chowdhury

Page: 64-74
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Socio-economic Survey of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Maharashtra States of Indian Continent

V. V. Potdar, Y. S. Gaundare, J. R. Khadse, Sachin Joshi, Marimuthu Swaminathan

Page: 75-81
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Adoption Level of Animal Welfare Practices among Dairy Farmers in Central Plain Zone of Uttar Pradesh

Jagdeep Gupta, S. Subash, M. C. A. Devi, Kalyan Mandi

Page: 94-100
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