Mushroom Cultivation as a Viable Income Generating Unit for Livelihood Security: A Success Story of ARYA Project at Turkaulia Block of East Champaran

Arvind Kumar Singh, Neelam Kumari, Ram Babu Sharma, Shri Kant, Jitendra Rajput, Ashish Rai, Satish Kumar Singh, Anshu Gangwar, Vikas Kumar Rai, Manish Kumar, Anand Kumar

Page: 78-81
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Pigeon Rearing - An Investment Analysis for Secondary Income Generation to Farm Women, Landless, Marginal and Small Farmers

Biman Maity, Tarun Kumar Das, Bablu Ganguly, Kausik Pradhan

Page: 1-6
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On-farm Demonstration of Improved of Faba Bean (Vicia faba L.) Highlands of Southwestern, Ethiopia

Mesfin Hailemariam, Mohammed Assen

Page: 7-17
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Constraints Faced by Agripreneurs of U. S. Nagar District of Uttarakhand

Sandeep Kaur, V. L. V. Kameswari

Page: 18-25
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Maladies and Remedies in Using Information and Communication Technology Tools for Agricultural Information in Karnataka

. Manjuprakash, H. Philip, N. Sriram

Page: 26-31
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Mobile Floriculture Operators in Southern Sri Lanka: Challenges and Solutions

H. I. G. K. Anuruddi, D. L. C. K. Fonseka, W. W. U. I. Wickramaarachchi

Page: 32-39
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Assessment of Rural Households’ Food Insecurity in Ekiti State, Nigeria

S. O. W. Toluwase, A. Ajiboye, A. O. Adekunmi, F. O. Osundare, F. M. Oluwatusin, A. A. Akinwumi

Page: 40-49
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Improving Technical Support to Enhance Productivity of Rural Community in Boloso Sore and Boloso Bombe Woredas, Wolaita Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia

Yesuneh Gizaw, Alemayehu Asale, Teshome Ergado, Kebede Nana, Alemayehu Kata

Page: 50-59
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Association between Selected Independent Variables and Adoption Level of Farmers about Recommended Production Technology of Fennel

S. K. Sharma, N. K. Sharma, K. G. Vyas

Page: 60-68
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Empirical Analysis of Causal Linkage between Agricultural Output and Real GDP: Evidence from Nigeria

Ikechukwu Kelikume, Stanley Emife Nwani

Page: 69-77
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Influence of Socio-economic Characteristics of Cocoa Farmers on the Use of E-agriculture in Ghana

Daniel Ayisi Nyarko, József Kozári

Page: 82-91
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Effects of Land Degradation on Poverty among Farmers in Southern Parts of Borno State, Nigeria

Alan M. Bwala, Abba S. S. Umar, Baba G. Shettima

Page: 92-100
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